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Give a Hug Today

Hugs are often the first step in the process of healing. Not every hardship can be avoided, but a hug can always be given. We’re on a mission to facilitate the largest group hug ever by engaging community members in giving tiny reminders of hope, love and safety. Check out our projects below!

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Bear Hugs are the Best Hugs

They may be small, but our bears have special superpowers. They dry tears, create smiles, become friends and give great bear hugs. And, best of all, they’re friendly, furry reminders for tiny hearts that good and happy things can be found even in the scariest moments.

Girl Hugging teddy bear

When you give a bear, you give a hug to a child through these programs and more:

Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center
Purchase Area Child Advocacy Center

Over the years, we’ve given thousands of teddy bears to children in need of a bear hug with the help of community members like you.

Giving a hug is just as sweet as getting one – ready to join in on the group hug?


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Weather Radio

Keeping Communities Safe & Preventing Hardships

We also promote weather readiness and safety in our communities by donating weather radios to community members. What do weather radios and teddy bears have in common? Surprisingly, plenty!

We can’t prevent every kind of traumatic event, but we’re taking steps in the areas we can. Natural disasters happen and, while we can’t stop them, we can promote safety and weather preparedness to prevent a natural disaster from becoming any more than just that.

Are you ready to promote safety in your community?

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